Browser Kit for Figma: One component to rule them all

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The only smart component you'd need to manage your screenshots in Figma product designs. Get design feedback faster with Browser Kit. Browser Kit solves the problem of getting screenshots onto Figma designs. All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, generic browser. Mobile and desktop versions are included.

Browsers included

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Generic browser (Bonus)

Extra features

  • Desktop and mobile layouts supported.
  • Dark, light and 'artsy' themes available.
  • Generic browser skin included.
  • Modals and notifications (Bonus)
  • Windows and Mac versions.

Try before you buy

Our premium Browser UI kit for Figma comes with more than 20 pages of high-quality smart components elements and flexible screens. You are free to try before you buy: download this free demo Browser Kit for Figma and see the product in action. Chrome, Win/Mac, Dark/Light is available in free demo.

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Browser Kit for Figma: One component to rule them all

0 ratings
I want this!