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Cashbar 1.1 – Stripe balance in your macOS menu bar

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Minimalistic Stripe feed tracking app

The simplest way to keep track of your daily Stripe activity. This little macOS app sits in the menubar. 

  • Notarized by Apple
  • Multiple accounts
  • Regular updates
  • The purest and simplest UI possible
  • Dark Mode support
  • Built with native code in the latest Catalina macOS, no Electron, no React
  • Very lightweight: 5MB app, ~25MB RAM
  • Costs only $1.50/mo to get regular updates.

All sensitive data is stored locally in your encrypted macOS keychain.

How to install and use:

  • Unzip and move to Applications
  • Open Cashbar. Because it's not from the App Store, it will prompt a modal. 

Now you can start tracking your rolling revenue figures (~monthly recurring revenue (MRR)) and stay up-to-date. 

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Cashbar 1.1 – Stripe balance in your macOS menu bar

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