UI Gradients Styles for Sketch and Figma

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A handy collection of fancy colour gradients for Sketch and Figma (NEW!)

Lightweight gradient library for your eye candies.

  • 280+100 (new!) fine-tuned UI-friendly gradients
  • Available as Sketch styles
  • And as Sketch custom fills
  • Semantic naming for your pleasure
  • Works really well with Build with Sketch
  • Updated in Sketch 65.1+

Watch this 'How-to' video to see it in action »

Or read a quick 'How-to' below.

How to gradient like crazy

Step 1

Download UI Gradients Styles for Sketch and un-zip it. Simple.

Step 2

Open uigradients.sketch in Sketch. No brainer.

Step 3

Save it as a template so you could enjoy styles and custom gradients in your mockups.

Go to File 〉Save Template... as and save it as uigradients. Easy.

Step 4

Create a new Sketch file with all awesome 280+ UI gradients embedded.

Go to File 〉New from Template... 〉uigradients

All done. Now you can apply the styles or choose from the custom fills. 

Gradient away & spread the word!

Based on https://github.com/JSBros/uigradients

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UI Gradients Styles for Sketch and Figma

10 ratings
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